Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kieran 2.0: Day 30

Well first month up and I'm glad that I stuck with this for the most part, but I'm a bit sad about my progress. I thought I'd be a little bit further. Oh well I guess I really need to push further. I hope this all comes together.

Right now I'm going to keep this brief because I have to fill out some papers. I may be in the market for a new job because my paychecks aren't what they used to be, plus the commute is killing me. Tomorrow I'm heading to my sister's house and we're gonna go visit mah dad so I'm pretty excited. I'm out for tonight. Gotta get a new job. Good night.



Jess Rambo said...

Good luck with the job hunt bro!

Elmosis007 said...

wazzzaaap, make you and kameele free next weekend and that way we can come visit yaa :D yay!