Friday, January 7, 2011

Kieran 2.0: Day 7

Well here's the first week of my journey. Now just 52 more to go. I'm very hopeful of the future and I think I have this blog to thank for that. I've become committed to making one entry every night and I'm hoping I can be committed to the changes I'm trying to bring forth. I'm overall very happy with the way it's going so far and I can't wait to blog each day. Today's blog has some art as well but first I have to get on the soapbox for a minute.

I got some slightly disturbing news last night about my job. Apparently the kiosk I work at may be getting the axe and so might I. My manager told me it would be in my best interests to get an airport badge because I may end up over there. Honestly if I could work at the airport, it would be awesome. It's much closer to where I live and it's a lot less money I'll be spending each week on transit, but what bothers me is I've been talking to higher up managers and they all assure me that I'm safe and the kiosk is permanent. I know I need this job right now, and if I were to just lose it I'd be screwed. It just sickens me that people really don't care about anyone under them. My manager came to me because she actually cares about her workers but to corporate, we're just the worker ants bringing food to the queen.

I try to do a good job at everything I do, even this job, especially this job. I sell often and I do all that is asked of me. I cover others, I take shitty hours and it's all because this is my job and I can't afford to lose it. But to hear that I could just be given a "see ya later" because the mall is dead really pisses me off. My main goal is to provide security for myself and I may have to put it all on hold if this happens. I'm nervous, but I know things will come through. I spent a bit of time drawing today and I have some cool pics to put up. More MS Paint lol. I'll have my other pics scanned soon so check back. Thanks everyone for reading and I'm about to go read some blogs mah self. Kammy and Jess in particular. I'll see you all tomorrow.



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Jess Rambo said...

Before I respond to your blog in a concise and respectable manner let me start off by saying....


Hahahaha. I wish I could high-five ya Kieran cause honestly that not only made my day, but proves even further than you're funny as shit and you know what's up.

Ok haha, now. I know the job thing sucks really bad. I'm wondering, you live no too far from me right? Perhaps while you work steady for the time being at your job, you can scope out similar positions closer to home. There wouldn't be much harm in looking, and it would maybe make you feel a little more secure knowing that just incase you'll have a place to turn.

Keep you're head up and thanks for the shout out. It's awesome to see you posting some work and it looks rad. Congrats on your 1 week!