Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kieran 2.0: Day 4

So all in all today was a pretty radical day. I had a late shift and did exactly what I didn’t want to do and slept until noon. I couldn’t help it though my bed is pretty damn warm and I really didn’t want to face the day. However today seemed to breeze by pretty quickly. The mall was almost completely empty so I actually got some drawing done, but it was all in MS Paint. I used to do a lot of art in MSP but then I found Flash and never really looked back. I gotta say though, it was a lot of fun.

There’s something about working with the bare minimum that makes the drawings even more impressive. In Paint you have no hot keys, no fancy effects, just paint brush, bucket and lines. You only have a very limited color palette as well so you have to be careful. Time shot by and then I had to do a training video. The video was a lame “don’t do this don’t do that” type thing but it had hilariously bad photos to look at so it was ok. Also the quiz after each section was equally hilarious. I got it done and was treated to finding out that I will be having a 3 day weekend this week! I’m working another double on Thursday but in return I don’t have to work Saturday. Top it off with having Sunday and Monday off and I’m a happy boy.

I’m actually going to keep this blog a bit short today and finish with the pics I drew at work today. I haven’t eaten all day and I’m about to make my dinner and relax with some Call of Duty. Oh and did I mention I’m off tomorrow too? It’s a pretty cool week. Tomorrow I;m heading to hang out with mah buddy Fico so it should be a pretty awesome day. Good night all, thanks for reading and I’ll see you all tomorrow.


Some old ones first...

Now the ones from today!!!

No scruff today and a smile!!!


Kameele Rivera said...

My favorite one is the pac man!

Jack said...

I agree with Kam; the Pac Man pic is the best one.