Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kieran 2.0: Day 27

Well I'm home from the most unnecessary day of work ever. I got in today at 1:44 this afternoon because no busses were running. For some reason though, the King of Prussia Mall was opened at normal time, even though a good deal of the people who work there take a bus there. It was pretty much empty except for a couple dozen people who really needed to get a pair of jeans and other stupid shit. It really pisses me off because I had to walk today in the snow to take a train, to catch a bus, to go and sit all day at a kiosk that nobody even glanced at all day because the fucking mall management people figured, "Hmmmm there's a foot of snow, but people need to spend money on stupid shit anyway."

I'm sick of sitting there as rude people ask me over and over where the damn bathroom is rather than was the 20 feet to find a map. I'm sick of having to be there while waves of unemployed losers spend hundreds of dollars on shit they'll wear once. It makes me sick because some of these people took a bus with ice on the roads just to shop. This world really has become all about money. I had to risk injury and even my life to ride a bus through the aftermath of a blizzard just to open a kiosk, make my hourly wage and leave without speaking to a single person.

This job is sucking the life out of me. I can't go on my phone, I can't surf the web, I can't even draw a fucking picture because I could get fired. News Flash, nobody wants to spend 500+ dollars on software, no matter how much it'll change their life. People don't have money!!! That's why I walked like a stupid shit in the snow to sit on a stool and watch an asinine video about actors pretending to use our product. I'm sorry this is such an angry rant, but that mall puts me in the doldrums. The people there have no concept of common sense whatsoever and have this sense of entitlement leading them to sometimes act as rude as humanly possible. I can't even remember the last time I actually got to spend time out in the sun unless I was walking to the bus. The most I usually see of the sun is the reflection on the tiles in the mall around 2:30. I don't think I can do it for much longer. I wake up each day slightly wanting to cry knowing that I have to spend time there. And now I'm about to go to sleep and wake up for another shift tomorrow morning. I'm there all damn day. I think I'm going to flip my shit.

Sorry this was so angry but I really needed to get that off my chest. Good night. See you tomorrow.



ivriem said...

Sounds like somebody needs to start an animating bizzzzz!

ivriem said...

Sounds like somebody needs to start an animating bizzzzz!

Kieran Michael Fallon said...

Maybe you're right Ivrie!!!