Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beneficial Bank is a bunch of Smelly Douche Drinkers!!!

So Beneficial Bank, a bank that I have trusted for several years now won't give me my money and it's pissing me off royally. I deposited a check on monday that was A CeRTIFIeD CHeCK from a UNIVeRSITY and they won't clear it. I'm on vacation and am almost out of money and have to sit out for the fun shit everyone is going on. 

I didn't even get the 100 dollars they said would be cleared next business day. The check was from my University so it should have gone through. 

Not only that but I'm the one that is doing all the work!!!

Beneficial Bank is doing NOTHING to help. I called them, I called the branch and they want me to call the school. They are doing nothing to help at all. 

The second my money clears, it's being taken out of that bank and put in a different bank. I'm sick of not being able to have my own money and having to jump through bureaucratic all day to get what's rightfully mine.

Beneficial Bank. SMOKe YOU!!!!!     

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WTF Blogger

WTF Blogger. So for this last month I haven't been blogging because I couldn't sign in. I even made another blog and ws pissed because I lost all my followers. Now I find that if I sign in to my Youtube account and then just click Blogger, it automatically signs me in...

I'll be signing in more often and now that I got this one back I can actually keep mah old shit.

Schools good and shiz and I wanna make a pic for ya'll!!!

chim billeh!!!