Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kieran 2.0: Day 25

So I'm back from Fico's place and boy are my arms tired. I worked out like a beached whale but I still have a lot of work to do. I didn't realize how out of shape I was to be honest. When you draw cartoons and sell software all day you don't run in to many times where you're exerting yourself. I got my exercises to do and I'm going to start tomorrow. I have to jump this hurdle in order to reach my goals.

I was really starting the day badly. I doubted everything and I was in a bit of a funk for the last few days. I just wondered where I was going in life an how I was going to get there. Things seem so uncertain and it's killing me. I just want to have something I know is for sure. The only thing that really brings me solace in all this is my Girlfriend Kameele. I don't know what I'd do without her. She makes me feel so much better about myself when I'm down, and she always believes in me even when I don't. I'm very lucky to have her and I love her with all my heart. I just want this all to work because I want to be able to give the both of us a better life than what we have. We live only to pay debt and I can barely afford it. I just want to find success in whatever I do and I need to work harder than I have been.

I had a few opportunities arise that could be something. I won't know until they pan out but wish me luck. I know I'm being hard on myself, but when I was younger I was so sure about everything. I had no real worries and everything was easy. Now I'm living life like it is. It's harsh but I know I can prevail if I keep strong. Things will hopefully go my way soon, I'm sick of living worried like a trapped animal. I need to make a lot of changes in myself because I'm no closer to achieving my goals now than I was 25 days ago. I'm gonna go to bed, tomorrow's a new day. Good night all.



Dan Brown said...

Good to see youre keeping up with this blogging! Keep going man.

Jess Rambo said...

You're doing a hell of a job and you're pushing yourself in excellent directions. Kam is an angel and she'll always be there to support you, just as all of us!

Kieran Michael Fallon said...

Thanks guys! It mans a lot that I have your support.