Friday, February 4, 2011

Kieran 2.0: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Sorry about the lack of blog lately, I had a lot of work come up that was keeping me a bit busy as of late. Also I got rid of the numbers because I don't feel like it anymore. I was supposed to be doing this everyday until I change my life for the better and to be honest, I thought I was close this week. I applied for a new job which ultimately turned me down after it seemed like I was a definite hire. The part that infuriates me is the last guy they had lied outright on his resume. The reason I wasn't hired...not enough experience. This makes me want to laugh so damn hard. It's no wonder I have no experience, I can't find a damn job! How is anyone supposed to gain experience if no one will hire you in the first place?

I feel like I've been hearing this all the time since I graduated. If I knew how useless my Bachelor's degree would be I would have just saved the 100,000+ dollars and bought a roll of Charmin. Because that's all my degree has been good for so far is wiping my ass with. It makes me so angry that I did my best in everything only to be nowhere years later. This country is so ass backwards sometimes, society punishes the smart and skilled and elevates the idiot to godlike status! I went to school for 4 years, eared a degree and even created some awesome art and cartoons. am I in any way rewarded for my hard work? No, instead I bust my ass for an award that ends up won by a cheater who copied his demo reel. If I had known that would get me best portfolio I would have traced Bugs Bunny and called it a year. Thanks Tim and Dana for ripping me up, I'll bet you felt so silly when your golden boy was exposed as a cheater! Thankfully people started questioning your judgement or else you may have gone on to ruin more students love for art.

Oh yeah and today I found out that i'll most likely not be receiving any commission at my job from here on out. They introduced an "exciting new commission structure" today! Pretty much I have to make the kiosk a certain amount per hour based on my goal and hours worked. If I make 50% of my goal, I get 5% of the sales! Now while this does give me the opportunity to make a lot, I have to sell a lot more to even equal the old commission. It used to be when I sold a package I would get 7-10% depending on the price. The commission was anywhere between 14 to 75 dollars. Now I have to sell about 800 dollars in order to get about 40 dollars. Now 800 dollars in sales isn't impossible, in fact I made about 1500 at the other kiosk. The only thing is I only work at the other kiosk one day a week and that goal is a lot more. The main kiosk I work at is at the bottom three in the entire country...out of about 180 kiosks. If I don;t make 800 in sales I get zilch on my commissions. Last month the kiosk made 808 in sales. That was between two people and neither was myself. Not to mention the goal was 9000. So seeing as my hours were cut by about 12 and the fact that our commission structure changed, I'm going to be making nothing. This new commission structure really just says to me, "We just don't want to pay you." The only reason that corporate keeps calling it "exciting" is because they get to line their pockets with the money that I used to be earning. It's supposed to make me want to sell more, but at my kiosk, where it's normal to see no more than forty people in 11 hours, it just makes me want to op people from buying it seeing as I most likely won't see any of the money I'm supposed to be earning.

The greedy idiots at corporate have no idea how actual people think. Nobody wants to spend 500+ dollars on software, even with a guarantee, even with a payment plan. Maybe they don't know this but 500 is a kinda high number. I barely make that in two weeks and they expect someone like me to part with it to learn a language. It'll enrich my life they say, so will food and 500 dollars can buy a lot of that. And even on a payment plan 500 is still 500, just not at once. It's funny because all corporate seems to be good at is blaming people for their screw-ups. They opened up the kiosk I work at, even though all the workers told them it wasn't a good idea because that part doesn't get a lot of people in it. They blame my co-workers and I for not selling enough but to be honest they should blame themselves for making a product that doesn't seem worth it in the eyes of customers. First off you can only put it on one computer so if you have a laptop and desktop you better pick one. Second the software is outrageously expensive, and even they know it because they're constantly putting it on sale and offering promos. And lastly the software is BORING! I can't honestly do it sometimes because it seems like time goes slower when I'm on it than if I'm just staring into space. But then again, it is easier to say that I'm not selling it hard enough because isn't it always easier to blame the pawn than admit you fucked up?

I'm tired and I have so swallow more bullshit in the morning. Goodnight.


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G.Terado said...

We all know how you feel in your first paragraph. I was beginning to feel shitty about my lack of experience as well cuz no one has hired me either and its pretty annoying. But we gots to keep on trucking to get that delicious taste of perseverance and triumph.