Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Time no Blog

Seriously, I'm slipping. Honestly I just kinda don't think it's necessary to blog every day. I try but often times I have nothing to say. I've been thinking and I want to blog about important things rather than anything that just comes up. I have a little rant tonight and then just some other stuff so it won't all be negative. Here it goes.

So I went in to work today and was surprised by a double shift. My manager scheduled a guy who quit to work today so I got fucked on the schedule and had to work until close. I got a new manager recently so I'm not so angry with him honestly it's just the fact that this is a recurring thing. I can't really remember any times where I got out of work on time during a day shift. Someone either calls out or comes late or something but it always seems to happen on my shift and this time was enough. I was so angry that yet again I was screwed into an extra shift that I was about to just quit right there. I can't be there much longer or seriously I may start freaking out.

I have a semi new plan. I've been thinking about going back to school and getting my masters. This time though I'm going for...3D!!! I'm not jumping ship, honest! I just don't think there's anything I can learn about Flash/2D that can be taught in a class room. I need experience to learn the rest so I figured I'd go for something I don't know and try to master another craft. I'm going to be filling out my fafsa this week and hopefully back in school in June. I feel that this is the best possible plan for me right now because there's so much I can learn that I haven't already. Well that's all I got tonight. I'll blog again soon. Good night all.



G.Terado said...

awwww snap, learning 3D.. tisk tisk lol nah thats kool though, i figured i'd just learn 3D on my own with tutorials or somethin, i definitely dont think i could handle anymore school especially with the debt i'm in with the loans.. good luck though with getting your masters, keep me updated on that shizz.. oh yeah Joe Seifert hit me up via Facebook too

Kieran Michael Fallon said...

Awesome man! Yeah I know but I kind of looked at it like this: Right now all I have is Rosetta Stone and trying to find a new job isn't going very well. I have until April before my loans start coming back and if I get my Masters I won't have to worry about it for another 2 years. Plus who knows? In two years the economy can be completely different and jobs may be easier to get and with knowing 3D it opens me up to more. At least until I get something good.