Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Billy 2.Crow: Cawn Billeh

So it's been a few days since blogging but I'm back and I had a pretty good weekend. This project I'm part of is really seeming like it's gonna go somewhere soon which is good and things have a different feel about them recently. I have some worries, but nothing I don't think I can get passed. Top on my priorities right now is getting back in shape! I've been a pudge-master for a little too long and I don't want to worry this Summer. I'm gonna work out in a bit once my dinner digests a bit and this week I'm starting on my diet because I can finally get to food shopping. It's been hard the last couple weeks to find time to go shopping mainly because I haven't been home for the last couple weekends.

My diet was given to me bah Fico and it's pretty extreme. Pretty much I have to eat breakfast, but it's only a handful of mixed nuts and fruit. I'm excited to start the diet and hopefully will get in to the shape I want. I'm also starting to play Tennis again so that's cool too. I messed up my left heel the other night though playing. There was a shizton of sticks on the court and I landed on one while running and my heel's been bothering me since. I got some work done on a logo for a company that a friend of mine at work is making and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I also made Kameele's Valentine's present yesterday and I'm pretty happy with that too. Right now I'm just writing and relaxing before I go to work out. Sam T. from Ebolaworld.com sent me some more work so I'm going to finish that also. Overall things are okay and I'm doing all right. I'll check in again soon. Later all!


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