Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kieran 2.0 and such

Okay, again I have not been blogging. I was waiting for the right time to blog however because there have been a lot of changes in what's going on with me. First off a couple weeks ago I found out that my kiosk was going to be closing down. We would all be put down to 1 or 2 shifts every week and I couldn't afford it. I pay so much in transportation that going in every day would pretty much cost me money to work.

My manager has decided to lay me off after next Saturday. This helps because I can get unemployment, but I'll also be unemployed...duh. But still it's pretty big. Also, this Summer, I will be attending the Academy of Art!!! This is awesome because I won't have to pay my loans for a while and I can focus on my work. I'm not going 3-D like I thought originally though, I'm heading for web. I decided to take Gullo's advice of learning web since that's what she always told us. I'm hoping this will help me find an actually good job.

I gotta jump in the shower for work right now, but I'll talk more later. By all.


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